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Online streaming will be available directly here on the conference website.

Online streaming guide will be sent to registered participants for online participation the day before the conference.

Q&A on online streaming

Before streaming

What do I need to watch the conference online?
All you need is a smartphone, tablet or PC with a stable internet connection. We recommend to use Google Chrome or Safari for live streaming. Check whether you have enough of available data, as streaming uses a lot of data.

I didn’t receive an email from your organization with access to online conference.

We send email in the afternoon, the day before the conference as well as a reminder in the morning on the day of the conference. Sometimes it happens that our emails end up in spam folder. We recommend you to check spam folder. If you don’t find the email in spam, please contact us.

What if I can't log in and watch the conference when it’s streamed? Will the record be available?
Yes, the record will be sent to you after the conference and will be available for 30 days. If you don't receive the email, check your spam.

Will I be able to ask a questions during the conference?
Yes, the sli.do platform will be available for asking questions. Online streaming will be several minutes behind a live conference. Therefore, your question will appear to moderator with minimal delay time.

Technical problems during live streaming

There is no video and audio.
Some browsers could have problems with video and audio (most often there are issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge). Try another browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Safari. Some problems may lay in your PC. Ask your administrator or a technically proficient colleague for help. In the meantime, start to watch live stream on your smartphone.

The sound is quiet, but it seems other participants have a good sound.
Check the volume on your computer. Check the volume of the external headset, if you have one. Try to connect headphones. If other participants are hearing well, the error will be probably on your device.

The picture and sound fall out ("cuts").
Check your internet connection and its intensity. Try to find a place with a better signal or connect in another way (eg via your smartphone's hotspot).

The live stream dropped out completely.
Check internet connection. Open any new website (eg www.urso.gov.sk) to check internet connection. If it works, try to access through the link you received from us. If broadcast is still not available, please try again in a few minutes. Maybe it’s a force majeure.

Force majeure.
Force majeure may occur at the conference venue (power failure, internet failure in the congress room, ...). Via backup solutions, we will try to restore the live streaming as soon as possible. The availability of the conference record is always guaranteed, so you will not miss lectures and discussions.

Money-back guarantee

In case of dissatisfaction, we guarantee a refund within 10 days of purchasing the online conference. Just write on email [email protected], mention a reason for your dissatisfaction and we will contact you.

Didn't find the answer to your question?
Contact us, we will be happy to answer.

ENERGOFÓRUM® conference organization team
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