We are introducing keynote speakers for ENERGOFÓRUM® 2019


Interesting keynote speakers from abroad are waiting for you! They will enrich the conference programme with attractive presentations.

Michael Merz, internationally well-known expert on blockchain technology, will open the conference programme. He founded PONTON GmbH in the year 2001 and has demonstrated his expertise in various B2B integration projects related to energy trading over the past 15 years. In May 2019 the German company released Enerchain 1.0, the first blockchain-based distributed trading infrastructure that enables OTC trading in power and gas products.

Following huge success and appraisal again we approached the keynote speaker from previous season of ENERGOFÓRUM®. Michal Šnobr, an external advisor to the J&T Finance Group especially in energy sector, will focus on the future of energy mix of CEE countries with emphasis on nuclear power. Last year he explained especially impact of Germany on European energy policy. 

Both speakers will present during the first day of ENERGOFÓRUM® 2019. The conference will take place on October 17 – 18, 2019 in Hotel Partizán in Lower Tatras.