Richard Kvasňovský: Gas and electricity sector can complement each other


The European Commission is expected to present Gas package 2020 next year. The legislation is to address the sector coupling – the integration of gas industry and electricity market. According to Richard Kvasňovský, gas infrastructure has the potential to be used as a storage of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the future. The new Executive Director of the Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SPNZ) will chair a panel devoted to development of regional infrastructure at ENERGOFÓRUM® 2019.

There are several interesting investments in our region. The electricity sector is working to strengthen cross-border profiles with Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. Much is happening in gas industry, too. „Currently the works are being made on the connection between Slovak and Polish gas systems. The interconnection of Slovakia and Hungary, which is turning 5 years old next year, is developing well and the interest in the pipeline is growing. Last but not least, there is an extension of the compressor station in Lakšárska Nová Ves that helps to create route for larger volumes of gas transported from west to east,“ said Kvasňovský.