Revision of EU gas directive is approved


The European Parliament adopted an overhaul of EU gas market rules to extend EU rules to all pipelines entering the EU territory from third countries. Ownership unbundling of pipelines and gas supply and third party access should apply also to gas pipelines from non-EU countries.

The amended directive gives exclusive competence to the EU when it comes to agreements on new EU gas lines with non-EU countries, also for granting exemptions. For existing pipelines (connected to EU pipelines before the entry into force of this directive), a member state can decide on a derogation within one year after the entry into force of the directive if it is not detrimental to competition.

Complicated negotiations on new directive took place while the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany is proceeding. Slovakia strongly objects to this project.

You may find more information on internal gas market rules in this article (in Slovak).