Peter Chochol: The future of energy lies in decentralized grids


Whereas fifteen years ago renewable energy and electric vehicles seemed to be just a marginal affair, now they are becoming natural part of the energy industry. According to Peter Chochol of Innovation department at sféra, decentralized systems will develop most dynamically in the foreseeable future. „Following the transposition of EU directives from the winter package, we will see how neighbors can sell surplus of electricity generated from renewables to each other, or perhaps place them on the market via aggregator.“

The first block of presentations at the conference ENERGOFÓRUM® 2019 is going to be dedicated to smart energy in digital era. Other guests besides Peter Chochol include Miroslav Zeman, professor of Delf University of Technology in Netherlands and also Tomáš Mužík, director of Czech company Digital Energy Services, member of Nano Energies Group that focuses among others on flexibility aggregation on the energy market.

You may find more information about the programme, speakers and registration fees HERE.