New international speakers for new ENERGOFÓRUM®


International guests Nenad Pacek, prominent economist and strategist, and Robert Seeger, on-line marketing expert, have confirmed their participation in the agenda.

Nenad Pacek is the author of bestselling book „Emerging Markets: Lessons for business success and outlooks for different markets“. Nenad advises foreign companies whether to invest and build their business for example in Slovakia, too. Situation in energy sector is one of the decisive criteria.

He is well known for Slovak exporters by helping them with finding the new global markets for the export of their goods and services. In his keynote speech during the first day of conference he will explain direct impact of global economy on the energy sector. 

Robert Seeger works in marketing for over 20 years. He is a consultant for change, innovation and marketing strategies. He advises big global and small regional clients, including energy sector.

Energy products are abstract and invisible. That is why they require different communication strategy for their consumers. His speech about this topic will be given during the second day of the conference.